Friday, January 7, 2011

Apple launch Macbook store for application

After analyses proven success of apple iPhone and iPod’s apps store, Intel jump in to Intel application store concept few months ago, Now again apple revert with Mac store in new year…!!

MAC world did the another smart move by launching application store for MacBook too !! Mac used strategy of encashing awareness of iPhone and iPod with Macbook application store to push sales of Mac laptop and PC. To make Macbook more trendy now apple launch app store for Mac book too.

Apple also provide SDK to design more desktop base application.

These are the advantages for IT companies and developers:

- Platform to earn by creativity and skills.
- No memory restriction like ipod or iPhone
- Wide screen to design application
- More options for control by utilizing Key board and mouse pad area.

Limitation for Mac book applications :

- No accelerometer
- No motion base game or application
- No multi-touch base application
- No Only horizontal view
- No camera at Back so limited camera base applications

Companies or Individual both can start development by just paying $99. Click link for information.

Apple designed hidden strategy here to approach targeted Microsoft users with USP of current million application accessibility for Mac laptops and desktop. As an added advantage which apple get is apple already had many developers and users of application for iphone and ipad, now they can reach to right resources directly for mac apps development concept to get a kick start.

Lets see the next macro move from Microsoft towards opening windows of application for their users.

Vision Raval